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The starting lineup for Team TCC (Trust, Commitment, Care) {Black} consisted of guard Jahvon Quinerly (5), guard Keldon Johnson (10), guard Anfernee Simons (22), forward Nazreon Reid (3) and forward Precious Achiuwa (12).

 Starting for Team Just Us {White} were guard Aaron Wiggins (2), guard Devon Dotson (4), guard Darius Garland (10), forward Silvio De Sousa (12) and forward Jontay Porter (33). 

The bench for team black held Cassius Stanley (4), Elijah Weaver (0), Scottie Lewis (23), Jordan McCabe (16), Eric Ayala (2) and Joey Baker (15). 

For team white there was Jeremiah Robinson-Earl (23), Bryan Antoine (1), Zach Harvey (5), Tyler Harris (0) Josh Green (6) and Chris Herren Jr (24). 
Fun Facts:

 -Stanley from Studio City, CA goes to Sierra Canyon HS in Chatsworth California.

-Garland is the #1 point guard in the class of 2018.

 -McCabe from Wisconsin won Steph Curry’s 1 on 1 challenge at camp. He has verbally committed to play for Bob Huggins at West Virginia.

 -Baker whom attends Trinity Christian HS is the former teammate of this past drafts Dallas Mavericks #9 pick Dennis Smith Jr.

 -Harris from Memphis, Tennessee goes to Cordova HS and won the Gatorade POY, along w/ MVP of the Las Vegas Classic in July. He’s choosing between USC, Ohio State and Florida. 

-Dotson now living in Steph’s hometown Charlotte, NC was named 1st team all Under-Armor. 

-Simons committed to Rick Pitino’s Louisville Cardinals and is touted as the best guard in class by ESPN’s Director of National Recruiting Paul Biancardi. He is headed for IMG Academy in Altamonte Springs, Florida for his Senior year. 

-Johnson to attend the famed Oakhill Academy in Virginia to play for Steve Smith 

-Achiuwa origionally from Nigeria, Africa is currently a Junior and lives in Bronx, NY. His brother Gods Gift played two years at St. Johns Univerity. 

-Green a HS Junior from Sydney, Australia attends Hillcrest Prep in Phoenix, Arizona. Played alongside DeMarcus Hayden, last years ESPN 100 #2 recruit under Head coach Chris Weaver. 

-Antoine and Lewis were teammates during the summer circuit where they played for former Rutgers coach Mike Rice, whom talks about their willingness to work and their ability to get better. 

-Dotson from Chicago, whom has offers from Kansas, Florida, Miami and Maryland plays for NC coach of the year Brian Field. Was also coached in the summer circuit by former NC Tarheel standout and NBA player Jeff McInnis. 

-Porter’s brother Michael Jr was ESPN 100 #1 recruit last year. 

-Robinson-Earl a Junior from Kansas City’s father Lester was a McDonalds All-American in 1996. His father played at LSU and Kansas before a terrible knee injury ended his career. 

-Herren Jr. A Junior who plays in Portsmouth, Rhode Island is the son of a former NBA player. 

-De Sousa from Primero Agosto in Angola, Africa was MVP of the FIBA under 18 championships. Simons  will join Silvio this year at IMG academy.

 -Wiggins from High Point, NC attends Wesleyan Christian HS. He has committed to Maryland.

 -Quinerly from Topeca, Kansas attends Hayden HS. He chose his college at halftime of this event. 

The Showcase


Team Just Us went on an 11-0 run early leading 19-11 just when Stephen Curry stepped into the gym and took his seat as Head Coach. Soon after Cali native Stanley nearly ripped down the rafters of the gym with an explosive windmill jam. 

Wired for sound Curry gave his best Rick Flair Woo and exclaimed “On the House baby!” as the gym nearly got as loud as it did when Curry walked in the door. During a timeout Curry got the young men together and explained, “Entire unit, keep them on the bottom side so that you could take the three.. (player asks a question) .. “No” he continues, “what I’m saying is, if you get the guy on your bottom side and just ride him down, they’re going to go down as far as you go. And so, if he goes under there and you pop back up to the top, and you’ll be wide open.” After a little lull by Team TCC Curry tried to get the crowd back into the game during a sideline conversation with one of his players asking, “The crowd hasn’t seen a dunk in a little while, handle that. Let em know it won’t be the last time either.” After the player said his piece Curry shot back at him, “I like that attitude.” 

At halftime the score was 71-54 with Team Just Us in the lead. During an interview Steph was asked what his vision for the camp down the road. Steph replied, “It’s a real good opportunity for these high schoolers to ah learn the game, continue their passion for the game. Put them on a stage like this so the world can see, you know, how much talent they have. And uh, hopefully we can uh prove it to the next generation. That’s what it’s all about and the talent is unbelievable.”

 When questioned about being down big at the half Curry retorted, “17 points is nothing, we’ve come back from that plenty of times in the league. So we’ve just gotta get up some shots, obviously make some shots. But uh, they’re playing with a lot of energy right now, so they’ll turn it around.”

 A world class interview between Paul Biancharti and Jahvon Quinerly ended with Quinerly choosing the University of Arizona as his college to go to after his senior year. Following that was an impassioned speech by Jay Bilas, given on the subject of college player transfers. Then Stephen Curry presented Jordan McCabe with his camp 1 on 1 trophy.

 The beginning of the second half might have been the best basketball of the game. Both teams were en fuego between throwing in deep NBA three’s, throwing up the sweetest of lobs and throwing down the some outright vicious dunks. Scottie Lewis in particular had an Carter-esque 360 throw down that would have drawn 50’s in a dunk contest. 

A quick glance back at halftime shows Steph Curry winning a three point contest, where he proclaimed light-heartedly “That’s the best I’ve ever done.”

                                Video Cred: Currys Flurry

 The fun didn’t stop there, during a T.O. A fan hit a not quite half-court shot and won a jersey, which when he put it on Stephen Curry autographed his back. 

Clipboard clowning with Steph Curry came right after that, with Steph showing his team a play, “This is what we’re runnin’ alright. They’re doing something on the left side.” A player asks a question and Curry responds, “I don’t know, don’t get it confused with our play, that’s they board.” Then he slid it convieniently back under Seth Curry’s bench. When Steph sat back down on the bench, rejoining his coaching staff which consisted of Warriors player development coach Bruce Fraser and Steph’s High School coach Shonn Brown Steph quipped, “Eh, crazier things have happened. I’ve seen crazier things happen coach, we’re right there.” The count was 116-94 with 6:45 remaining. 

The Final score with Team Just Us coming out victorious was 145-117. After handshakes filled with joyous smiles, Steph courteously thanked the packed house. Then Co-MVP’s for Team Just Us were named, the winners being Bryan Antoine and Aaron Wiggins. 

Post Game Interviews 

When asked how was it, Seth Curry answered, “It was fun to win, I know that. But I mean, it was a lot of fun man. The culmination to a great few days being around these kids. Seeing them work on their game and compete and just being around NBA players. So they learned a lot and it was fun teaching them and having fun with them and things like that. But like I said, it was a great culmination to this couple days.” 

Responding to a question of the talent on the court, Steph smiled and said, “I mean the game of basketball is in great shape. Obviously there’s guys in the NBA with a lot of talent and we all started somewhere at one point or another. Uh and these guys are next, so you can see that they love the game and put the time in to get better. Obviously they’re blessed with a lot of talent, but they’re doing something about it, so it’s great to see.” 

Asked what the players could take away from this experience, Seth unfolded, “I think man, the whole experience. The high school experience, just being around your peers. Working on your game together. Competing against each other and things like that. That’s something you don’t want to take for granted, being their age and just having fun. Being in the moment and just enjoying the process of getting to where they want to go.”

 Regarding the biggest high school to college adjustments to be made, Steph explained, “I think it’s obviously the speed of the game. Uh your size and your athleticism in high school is great and it separates you” he continued, “and when you get to college , you look around and that size and talent is everywhere. It’s just a matter of adjusting to the speed of the game, you know, trying to create more space as the game closes up with all that size. And then obviously, the guys who work the hardest are usually the most successful. Um and they’ll learn about that really quickly. So um like I said it’s a fun process, like Seth just said stay in the moment. Curry finished by saying, “Enjoy the level that your at and you know, you’ll get to where you want to go.” 

Given the question of what the guards need to work on the most, Seth stepped in and said, “ Ah man that was the problem, a lot of these kids can really shoot the ball. I was here a couple of years ago and it seemed like everybody was just athletic and relying on their athleticism. But these kids, they can shoot the ball real well and we worked on the pick and roll a lot this week. So in the game they were doing a good job of it. Making plays out of the pick and roll, and I think that’s where the game is going. So uh, for them at this age to be able to shoot the ball like they can and play out of the pick and roll as guards, uh, it makes a great thing to see.” 

Advice on recruiting was asked next and Steph chose to say, “ Like we all said, just enjoy that process ‘cause that goes bye real quick. When you’re getting calls left and right and you’re wanted. So enjoy it, but uh, you’ve gotta go to the place that fits you. Your style of play and where you know you’re going to have an opportunity to get out on the floor. Obviously me and Seth took alternative routes. So he landed at Duke to go through the college ranks, but um” Steph continued, “just go where you think you’re going to fit in the best and that you’ll get that exposure to competition that you’ll need. Um, and obviously playing for great coaches, find the guy that’s going to make the investment in you as a person both on and off the court. ‘Cause uh, that’s where you really mature as a human being and as a basketball player.” 

Seth’s advice to the same question went, “Same thing, uh I mean you want to go somewhere that fits you and somebody who really wants you man. I know a lot of kids out here being recruited by a lot of people. So you wanna go somewhere that you’re comfortable with and someone that’s going to develop you and somewhere you’re going to have fun.” Seth paused and said, “ You want to go to a college where you’re going to have fun and enjoy. And that’s what I did my 3 years at Duke and I would encourage the kids to do the same thing.” He finished.


                                Video Cred: Currys Flurry