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                                       Photo Cred: SFGate
These are game notes from the Stephen Curry Select Showcase at Kezar Pavilion.

Devon Dotson:

-Good burst on thee break, utilizes the right elbow technically well to create space to get to the cup.
-Draws a crowd when he pushes tempo, with his physicality.
-For those worried about Devon’s 3 point range, he showed improvement working out of the pick and roll. Utilizing a one dribble right pull up three that canned.
-Physical O-Glass crash mentality tells me he’s gonna be a solid rebounding guard.
-In early offense, put his head down in an attempt to drive the basket, only to be thwarted by a defender who recovered as Dotson went left (which he loves to do). A well timed dive to the basket by Darius Garland spurned a simple drop back pass with no one left to defend the rim.
-Again craftily gets a step going left and uses his right elbow giving a little nudge which propelled him to the basket.
-Aggressively physical at all times.
-Bull-dog mentality paid off, catching a player wafting w/ his hands and not moving his feet on a counter-strike, like a linebacker who’s afraid to get run over.
-Showed good court vision and a wicked bullet whip pass leading a cutting Jeremiah Robinson-Earl, who even though the pass was on the money, showed great hands gathered and finished using the rim as a defender.
-Between free-throws and his technical playing strength, is going to be a great scorer at the next level.

Bryan Antoine:

-Runs the floor well, hands always at the ready.
-Shows the ability to get from right to left hand and finish with english.
-Has a good first step to the ball defensively and free safety like reactivity to get long and take the ball out of the air.
-Next possession, showed cover corner closing speed running right through the passing lane, taking it to the house in style, throwing a precision lateral lob to a trailer.
-Sharing is caring, even though it was his night, he was still thinking about everyone else.
-After Cali native Cassius Stanley nearly brought the house down with an explosive windmill jam, Bryan calmly played trailer and knocked down a top of the key NBA three. Which showed poise under duress, and that answer back mentality we all look for. On the catch and shoot three he let the hand hang.
-Continued to show solid fundamentals, having an idea what to do before the catch and shoot got closed out on. He gave a nice patient cross-over step-back three and railed it.
-Has quick second and third jumping aggressiveness and quickness.
-A catch and shoot terrible angle fast break three showed me his stick-to-it-ness when dominating a game.
-On a 3 on 1 break Bryan showed again that he is truly that guy you want to play with, because he’s looking out for everybody. In this case it was Zach Harvey who when served up the dish got a real chance to show his springs.
-Has a mature beyond his years basketball mind.

Darius Garland:

-Can control his body the ball and his shot on the way down. We usually call it a leaner, but he’s special at it. Knows how to use glass.
-Also shows skill at getting a man on his hip, which is a must for free throw production.
-Gave a one cross, three hesi’ and take it right to the rack. This was before anyone got set defensively, to give you an idea of the quickness.
-Gave a one cross right and glided into an low sweeping (AI) sequence of a crossover. He threw another hesi’ cross-over in there and finished with a flowing running hook.
-On a reload, went hesi’ and finished athletically w/ the left hand.
-Utilized the hop on a 30’ angle catch and shoot three, which he practically walked away from.
-Handles galore, gonna be a terror.

Tyler Harris:

-NBA angle three in transition was perfectly under control and had a great rhythm to it.
-Showed great instincts and hands under pressure, delivering a pin point lob to Bryan who went thriller night on the jam.
-Hit a jaw dropping, catch and shoot fast break angle 30’+ three.
-Showed a penchant for the flair, going between the legs, scooping it up off the backboard to Bryan again who finished reverse style.
-Gritty w/ unlimited range, knows how to play in an all-star game.

Precious Achiuwa:

-Showed a little savvy, fading under control away from an onrushing defender and netting the short porch three.
-Gave a sound hesi’ dribble on a break leaving his defender planted as he took it to the tin and showed off his bounce.
-Got after a loose ball, picked it up turned and fired a short corner three, making it all net and he had the hand hanging high the whole time.
-Confident young man, with great promise.

Nazreon Reid:

-Gave a good screen slip and a decent crab dribble, leading to a nicely guided hook shot.
-Can hit a catch and shoot angle three, with a Patrick Ewing like release (high hands) and touch. Got it in and out of his hands very quickly I should add.
-After a rebound, he pushed the ball up the floor himself showing confident dribbling ability with either hand. He also finished off the play tossing a nice lob to a teammate for an easy deuce.
-Take a look at this young man and you think he’s a bruiser. Well, he may be good at that too but he’s got mad skills.

Silvio De Sousa:

-You remember missing on Amare Stoudamire in the draft because he was a high school player?
-A man amongst boys, same thing we all said about Amare.
-Silvio put on his own dunk contest during this event, and he can dunk with either hand.
-Hate to think what this young man would wind up doing with 4 years of college.

Jeremiah Robinson-Earl:

-Knows how to keep his head up and deliver the long ball (outlet pass).
-Has solid upper body strength, as shown by his one handed snatch rebound. Also has the ability to take it up himself and be a distributor.
-Proof pudding was his head up delivering a one handed whip pass to an open corner shooter.
-Went baseline and spun back beautifully finishing w/ a righty hook.
-Lunch pail and a hard hat type player.

Joey Baker:

-Terrific timing like he was on a stop watch for a backdoor cut lead to a rim hanging alley-oop.
-Never in a hurry, has spacial recognition down.
-Used his length and good feet for a nice spinning elbow fadeaway.
-A baller, who can get his shot off at any time.

Chris Herren Jr.:

-Came all the way around a top of the key three screen, then darted straight to the basket, finishing with a beautiful front rim scoop layup.
-Is really graceful and under control when attacking the basket, always ready to adjust and he’s got the finesse to do so.
-Handy dishing out the night’s meal, as evident by a gorgeous lob to Jeremiah.
-Crafty doesn’t do him justice, he’s a composer of fine music around the rim. Plays the P&R like a hidden war dance.

Jontay Porter:

-Good timing for shot blocking, knows where to keep his hands.
-Has really active hands which always stay up, scratching and clawing then finally batting basketballs to chosen spots.
-Got on a roll defensively stepping up into the passing lanes with those hands high and at the ready. He came up with a steal, right after a block.
-Best shot blocker in the game at hand. Hard worker.

Eric Ayala:

-Really pumped himself up in the lane drawing contact and showing a shooters roll on his free throws.
-Must have been looking players off, much like a Quarterback, because he was creating a ton of easy looks for himself and others.

Scottie Lewis:

-The tremendous 360 degree dunk by Scottie, was wonderfully executed.
-Played with an amazing amount of energy.
-Sky’s the limit, could call him go get it.

Elijah Weaver:

-After a made basket, took no prisoners on a torrid take to the middle of the lane there was no stopping that layup.
-Didn’t get to see enough of him.

Keldon Johnson:

-Showed a nose for the O-Reb and once he got it, it was one gather dribble and up as he was able to finish through contact in an awkward circumstance and body position.
-Hammered down an alley-oop with brute force.

Josh Green:

-His tenacity through activity was on full display, really running the floor well. He also always finished with power and got after it on the O-Glass when it wasn’t going to him.
-He went And 1 over Joey and given Baker’s positioning Green at least fought to a draw w/ him in the impact department.
-Plays both ends of the floor with a fervor.

Cassius Stanley:

-Hit a three once he got on the court.
-Had one of the dunks of the night and rep’d Cali well.
-If anything, I’m gonna give Steph Curry a hard time and say he left Cali native Cassius on the bench too long in the second half.

For the young men that I didn’t scout, the answer is simple, they’re already signed.