Photo Cred: Mashable


On a sunny Sunday afternoon in San Francisco, Let’s Go Warriors held a three point shooting competition at Mission Dolores Academy. There were about 20 participants in all. It was the perfect fun and gun scenario. We had music, prizes and were witness to some tremendous shooting displays by our contestants.

Much of the match-ups were decided by a shot of two, which made it all the more exciting to watch. Some guys even made every shot from a particular station, going en fuego so to speak.

We even had a couple of special guests who didn’t disappoint in the slightest. Golden State Warriors anouncer Jim Barnett sauntered into the gym with swagger and it immediately seemed to rub off on everyone. Players warming up picked their game up a notch and three’s started falling all over the gym. All I could think was, now this is Splash City. Jim made sure to stop and have a conversation with every single person in the gym. 

Mr. Made in Golden State, Justin showed up with his wife and child and made contributions as well. Donating T-shirts and helping out with some very good questions for Jim during our twenty minute Q&A with Mr. Barnett.

After we had to stop Jim from answering questions, so the competitors of the finals didn’t get cold it came down to a showdown between Milo Ohta and Arakel Panos Aristakessian. Arakel came out on top, and received a Stephen Curry Bobble-Head and a trophy for his fine effort.

As for my experience in meeting Jim, I can still remember it to this day. He came over to the table where I was sitting down, and I stood up offering my hand in introduction “Mike, pleasure to meet you.” shaking a man’s hand, who I considered to be my life-long mentor. “Hi, Mike..” he said with friendship denoted in his tone. “..So I see you guys are keeping the score,” he almost remindingly said shifting gaze between myself and Ryan Brown. “That’s a very important job.” He stated with the respect due to the task at hand behind his voice.

“I’m still doing my best to keep the score Jim, thank you.”