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Chapter 1
is looking to make it ten out of the last bakers dozen FIBA AfroBasket Tournament’s won, and I’m scouting. The team has finished 2-1 in Group B and are headed to the quarter-finals Thursday September 14th vs Senegal. I be adding more then, but we’ll call this chapter 1.

Silvio De Sousa (The Star of Africa):

Game 3:

– Has guard-like speed to get out and run. 

– At 18 he’s about as strong as NBA players.

– Active on both ends of the court. Once he figures it out, he’s going to make a real easy target around the rim for distributors to find. Has the energy to reverse sides and strength to garner post position on the other side of the court. Great lateral mobility.

– Blocks shots with a mean streak. 

– Has decent form shooting from deep. Has good rhythm to it, but nitpicking your feet should wind up under you on the catch & shoot. Could be a three point shooter someday though too, that’s scary. 

– Terrific effort positioning for rebounds. Never gives up on the play til it’s secure.

– Draws a crowd on the block, easy to find open short porch three’s off his post presence alone.

– Was on the court playing rim protector and shadow defender holding CAF to a 15 minute spell of zero field goals, in a ride or die game. Is an intimidator.

Game 2:

– didn’t get on the court until the 5:14 mark of the 2nd quarter, with the score 12-12 vs Maraco. He was a ball of energy waiting to be unleashed. Showing youthful exuberance and passion for the game.

 – A well executed dive cut led to prime O-Reb position. The pick and roll is something he worked extensively on at the SC30 Select Camp. The hard work shows.

– A good dig and recovery on a post player led to a dive cut by the opponent, where Silvio responded with two quick lateral shuffles and a lateral leap to deflect and steal the ball.

– After getting the ball ahead to a guard, De Sousa tore down the court and finished with a full speed follow up chin up jam. That was after coming up with that steal. Showed an excellent motor.

– checking in with 6 minutes left and down in the 4th quarter, for his first action of the second half Silvio went to work. 

– showing a nose for the ball he snatched an O-Reb and threw up a traditional hook shot (elbow extended), that went down.

– The very next offensive possession he took off down-court, beat everyone to the launchpad and threw down a manly alley-oop dunk.

– The next couple possessions he was double-teamed off the ball, creating open looks at a crucial stage of the game.

– after the team went down 9 w/ just over a minute left, he remained competetive, crashing the O-Glass and drawing FT’s to at least stop the clock. The never give up mentality.

Game 1:

– rim run and seal, that’s what I’d like to see more of. With his size he’s not sealing off well enough, to receive the entry pass. Should learn this skill quickly, hands down low, wide and behind him to create a seal, then call for the ball.

– If he wants to be a catch and shoot top of the key player, he’s gotta learn to keep his hands at the ready.

– delivered a nice entry pass, as a high post distributor, led his man well. Showed nice touch going over the top.

– hedged well over the top of screens defensively and did a decent job recovering back to defend the rim. Would like to see a better hip turn when recovering.

Three game summary: Once he learns how to focus his efforts he’ll be a beast at any level. Couple things I noticed were being a bit to eager to jump to block the ball. Should watch the Draymond Green twenty minute video covering blocks and steals. He’ll notice he can be a more disruptive force on his feet. Needs a go to drive on the break to get him to the rim easier, such as an inside out dribble, hesi or cross-over.

This is Chapter 2 of The Book: Silvio De Sousa. Quarter-Finals, September 14th, FIBA #AfroBasket2017 Tournament. Live from Tunisia. Angola vs Senegal

Quarter 2 6:50 mark: slips, 3rd time in 4 games, gotta be the shoes.
Played over the top defense off an on-ball double team, showing good instincts.
First post play, had hands low in proper position behind him, quick learner or just something I haven’t seen?
Always ready to set the off-ball screen.
Long rebound box out, constantly keyed in on fundamental basketball.

Nice job of making himself available baseline, catching using the rim as a defender, drew FT’s.
On-Ball activity forced an errant high-low pass.
Garned terrific post position for an easy lob pass over a small. Though the pass was not thrown.
Kept his feet under him on a pick & pop 3. The correction was made.

Came up with an amazingly clean block off a leak attempt where he had to jump over two players being the trailer. Called a foul, replay “all ball.” Better effort to keep the ball in play.
As he slipped a couple screens, rather stepped out of them for 3 point looks, a lane opened up, he shot out a cannon. Tipped in a ball too short, soft touch and the quickest second effort jump.
hand to face against a three point threat, low and wide, doubt the opponent could see the hoop.
Weak-side help led to a bound, always has one eye on the ball.

Go to move out of the triple threat in progress. (Stepping over left right elbow high, one-dribble left elbow high.. I assume he’s trying to create space..clearing out)
Switched to guard a Guard seamlessly, opponent didn’t test.
Great position sucked in the defense to give an open 3 to end the half. Got around his man for O-reb positioning as well.
Angola took the lead for the first time seemingly of the game (3-0).

1st half play earned Silvio De Sousa a starters role in the 2nd half. He was the first Angolan on the court & looked abundantly confident to mix it up with NBA Iron Man (82 games), starter Gorgui Dieng. After giving help quickly spun & managed to do his work early on Dieng, forcing him off-the-block & out to 8′ on the catch. Staying low, wide & forceful he got under Gorgui’s skin with his attitude alone and drew sweet chin music which ultimately ended up in a travel on the very first play of the half. Showing a bit of character, Silvio pointed down-court like a wide receiver on Sunday, exclaiming FIRST DOWN.

After dare I say getting away from the young Star on the other end of the court. Gorgui decided to try his luck getting deep position & posting up the young man again. Silvio struck him chest to chest gaining control of the paint. Gorgui then retreated and tried to repost. The strongest man on the court wasn’t having any of it, adjaring him from the middle of the lane and with his Karl Malone like upper body positioning took up the space for the D-reb himself.

After missing a top of the key charity stripe jumper, which his body wasn’t actively prepared for (left foot planted towards the front of the rim), though I do give him credit for having his hands at the ready. De Sousa came up with a look what I found steal on the other end of the court and had the presence of mind to get it to a guard who outletted for a fast break for two points. After a quick burst dive cut, SDS properly secured post position with his right arm as the club on Dieng 8′ from the basket. He faced up on him gave two slight up-fakes & went hard left. After a digging Guard got a piece of the ball, “The Star of Africa” adjusted in an instant & recovered at 9′ near the elbow. Facing the other way De Sousa pivoted back directly down the edge line of the box so fast that Dieng got caught in between a lateral hop. Then 22 in Red took an extremely long and athletic step around him & leaned in finishing with a kiss off the glass.

The thrill of scoring on an NBA starter for the 18 year old must have gotten into his blood stream because the next two possessions Senegal went straight at him and scored on both occasions. Having complete control of the lane w/ one arm I must state De Sousa got called for warding off & was taken out of the game because of foul trouble. I’m calling it an 18 year old whistle.

Bless Paulo Macedo and his family, he’s a man’s man if I ever witnessed one.

Senegal Poster Dunk, Senegal rhythm jumper.

De Sousa FT’s!

After playing “Twister” pawing for a loose ball, Silvio catches up to a Guard & get this, tires to upper cut it out of his hands from behind like an American Football player. Rim run, post left block one swim move & a power dribble later and Silvio was at the rim. There was a no call and his teammate picked up the miss and scored.

Full-Court shadow, post front… “almost got it” touches the loose ball and to the deck with him, possession Angola.

Player lock, tractor beam 13 Green 1:51 4th quarter. “The Tale of the tape.”

Sub, wait no sub, still out there pleading to play ball. “The art of body language.”


Dagger Hannah.

Clip-board & that voice.


That’s something, stay woke.

Tip of the hat.

Chapter 3 a work in progress: