Photo Credit: Bleacher Report

Last night was a perfect example of how the Golden State Warriors need some youthful exuberance on the court, to carry them through the Championship lows. With the lead falling under 10 points, Steve Kerr turned to Rookie Jordan Bell for that much needed spark. The Warriors ended up riding the Clippers out of their own gym and even got some very much appreciated MVP chants for Steph Curry in the process.

Since the pre-season, Jordan has been an instant impact player. The new Energizer Bunny of the Warriors. With him and Draymond Green on the court together, the Warriors defense has been tremendous as well. One thing you can easily point out, is Bell isn’t phazed by the transition from the college game to the NBA game. He practically always seems to know what he’s doing on the court. He’s done a lot more out there than throw a to-himself-off-the-backboard-Bugs-Bunny-alley-oop.

For instance, he’s dropping dimes on offense, hitting push shots and jump shots. He’s been technically sound out of the triple-threat, setting solid screens, spacing out the floor well and yes cutting back-door like a beast.

On the defensive side of the ball is where he’s going to help out just as much if not more. He’s as active as Andris Biedrins ever was, and even more so. He’s an extra communicator out there and that’s so important because that’s exactly what is going to be lacking after three consecutive trips to the finals. He’s got the 🔥. Every subtle step he takes is to give help defense, cut out a passing lane or patrol the paint in general. He’s able to get out and guard point guards, I know James Harden got him once or twice, but no one has since. Playing him with the four superhero’s is going to give the Warriors the ability to switch.. on everything and on anyone. 

For those worried about his size, fear not, the NBA has abandoned the back-to-the-basket low post game. Just look at DeMarcus Cousins for example, he probably posted up once in our contest versus the New Orleans Pelicans and was called for a charge. Blake Griffin is shooting three’s. The league has changed.

I’m not saying give him the job outright, but give the young man a start or two, it might be just what the core four needs to stay excited.