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As the Golden State Warriors get set to take on the Philadelphia 76ers tonight, here’s a quick look at what we’re up against.

Joel Embidd:

Plays trailer three point shooter.

Smartly keeps the ball high when used as a high post player. 76ers love to run a rub off of him, going to the basket. Out of the triple-threat he likes giving a head and shoulder fake going one way, then dribbles the other. Apt at protecting from those who dig when he drives.

Can palm the ball with one hand with ease making him a dangerous passer among other things. Good timing when on the roll. Has the stick-to-it-ness when getting blocked from behind, he secured the rebound gathered and stuck his butt into the defenders stomach to create space for him to go up again and finish And-1.

Shows great presence of mind as a weak side shot blocker, moving laterally the standing tall with both hands up. No reason to jump in the situation given, he let his mitts do the work.

Comfortable bringing the ball up the court himself. Lonzo Ball tried to get quick and come up with a steal and just bounced off him. He finished coast to coast, after throwing the ball up at the rim just to get it back and get himself an And-1. Enjoys the dump and chase.

A nice drop-step into a double-team and he didn’t try to force anything. He just got creative and underhand threw whip-pass out to an open three point shooter. Great top of the key three passing presence as well. See’s over the top and throws solid laser beam two handed passes. Reminds me of Draymond Green, the kind of mustard he’s putting on them.

Has a Euro-step that I don’t know how any center can stop. Comfortable on a 10′ baseline jumper if given one. When Ben Simmons plays pick-and-roll with him watch for the hook pass over the top. 

Will block a mid-range jumper giving six feet of space. Plants well when garnering post position and uses his left arm like a club to create space. Has a nice baseline spin move that can get him to the other side of the rim in one dribble.

Drop-step on you and you’d better be ready to slide laterally and take a shot in the chops if you want to stop it. Face-up game from the free throw line he likes to use a scoop shot, maybe you can block that. Understands the triple-threat, not only can he knock down top of the key three’s he’s also proficient from the elbow-extended.

Has a rocker-step he employs in his turn and face game.

SOMETHING I’VE NOTICED: He fakes middle and drives baseline most of the time.

Has a magnificent Dream Shake, but instead of shooting jumpers off it, he’s leaning in towards the hoop.

Hope you ate your Wheaties.

Ben Simmons:

He hasn’t made a three this season so play under all screens. Loves to cross-over, he uses it particularly when he enters the lane, but in general that’s his go-to-move. Everything he does is going to the basket.

Primarily does his scoring reading passing lanes by showing a wide stance then exploding north to south, going coast to coast. Getting out on the break in general, and standing at the top of the key three with no one within five feet of him. The reason being they double down on Embidd. He gets a running start, makes an abreaviated move and he’s all the way to the rim in two-three dribbles. Simplifies the drive at every opportunity.

If you stay with him on his cross-over, he’ll drop his lead shoulder into your chest and go up for the shot.

Has a Shaun Livingston like post game and big shoulders helping him turn into dunk position on one shoulder twist led drop-step.

Release: hands high, at the peak or just before.

Has range up to 16′ on his jump shot. Pops them on the elbows. When he attacks the lane his floaters and flips are dead balls, giving them a better chance to stop on the rim and sink soflty through the net. Also flashes a fluid finger-roll.

Passing: Over the top, pin-point. Bounce passes, low bounce from a 6’10” man, right into the shooting motion. Drive and dishes underhanded in any direction, waiter-like dishes.

Go to move: Cross-Over-45°-Cross-Over-45° from the elbow extended.

Saintly One: “Around the basket, he can shoot with either hand. 

Robert Covington:

We’ve all heard the expression, “You just can’t give a guy like that, that much space.” Robert Covington was a 🔥 ✋ for Philadelphia a couple of nights ago, and has been all season. In the first half of the last gane, Robert dribbled once and had eighteen points. This year he’s shooting 50% from 3PT range and making nearly four of them per game. Everything he did last night was reactive, meaning catch-and-shoot without thinking. He even managed back-to-back four point plays. Not only should the Warriors be wary about doubling off of him this evening, they should be thinking one thing only until he proves he’s willing to put the ball on the floor. Guarding him by flying by his shooting hand side might get a player embarrassed by a pump fake, but it’s better than the alternative, he’s not much of a passer. Robert is also working as the P&R outlet on the wing. A few dive cuts when left space for an easy three just showed the need to not dig on the pick and roll. One last thing he has going for him, is he plays well historically vs the Golden State Warriors, and he’s quite a defensive presence as well. I’m talking about everything, from rebounding to steals and even blocked shots. Zaza Pachulia might just find himself alone on an island tonight. Thank goodness for Draymond, but that’s another time…

This team is built to handle two scorers, so if you can take the third out, you’re in good shape.