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Tonight is the game of the year.

Kyrie Irving:
A master at keeping an aggressive low dribble. He’ll throw out moves just to keep your feet moving one after another. He gets his shoulders overhanging towards the basket and he’s going by you. If you see his shoulders over his legs he’s setting you up to take. a jump shot.He’s deadly with either hand around the basket and really knows how to create space with his lead shoulder as well. He jumps into bigs so well they can’t block him. The way he goes from a mouse dribble to up and above everyone is second to none and the Warriors have their hands full tonight.

Al Horford:

The Celts play big Al on the block, the elbow and top-of-key-3. Playing inside out on the block, Horford gave the Warriors everything they wanted in their last meeting. From wherever he was on the court, he aggressively took the ball to the rack and had an outstanding game. He’s also looking to kick out to an open three point shooter, so keep an eye on your man if he’s a three point shooter, it’s going to him. Also don’t dig, Zaza has gotta be able to handle bodying him up. From the elbow he’s got the same mindset and Boston is cutting to the basket the instant he enters the triple threat. Keep with those cutters, I just gave you their timing. They even cut to the hoop once his hands raise as a top of the key 3 distributor. I think we’re going to see the Al who’s looking for his own offense tonight, but beware of his passing prowess.

Boston’s go to play to end quarters and such is a top-of-the-key-3 screen set by Horford for Irving to shoot the three. He holds a solid screen, so switch it everytime, Al’s no danger of putting the ball on the floor himself as a roller from that distance, so the only thing Steph has to do is expect the jump shot if it’s actually passed back… Doubtful there.

Tatum and Brown understand the triple threat, but they’re never looking to pass, so that knowledge should give you an advantage.

Tatum leads the NBA in three point percentage as a ROOKIE and just as importantly he’s trying to take away the three point line from Klay Thompson. Gotta keep him honest by cutting back door and utilizing a pump fake.

Don’t double down on any of they’re post players, especially Aron Baynes.

Marcus Morris’s go to move is to put his forehead forward so you think he’s gonna drive. For heaven’s sake he’s shooting jumpers, go by his shooting hand and stop taking it easy on this guy.

Brad Steven’s philosophy is pace and urgency. He needs an offensive coordinator. Though I will say Kyrie is so proficient with the ball, they don’t need an offensive strategy on most occasions.