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Tonight the Golden State Warriors play the Boston Celtics, in a win streak snapper. The main man in Bean Town, Kyrie Irving is wearing a mask and stating he can’t see as well peripherally.

So the first thing the Warriors should be thinking about offensively this game is trying their best to keep Kyrie’s head on a swivel, obviously so the mask gets tossed in the second quarter. There’s a few things you can do in order to accomplish this task. Mainly keep Steph Curry moving at all times, and preferably off the ball as much as possible. Dribble-handoffs are going to help as well. Just anything they can do to get to the man’s mind behind the mask. Almost forgot, Celtics better bark out those screen calls for Kyrie or he’s gonna be in for a rough night.

More on Kyrie:

He travels all the time when he gets in trouble driving the ball. To clarify it for you, he takes his step and a half and then if he has nothing, he puts his pivot foot down. If they’re not going to call it, which they won’t in Boston, you’ve got to stay down and not fall for his pivot away from the basket. That’s because he’s just going to pivot right back towards the front of the rim. 

Al Horford:

The Celts play big Al on the block, the elbow and top-of-key-3. Playing inside out on the block, Horford doesn’t waste any time pounding the ball, he’s looking to kick out to an open three point shooter immediately, so keep an eye on your man if he’s a three point shooter, it’s going to him. Also don’t dig, he’s been a jump shooter his whole career not a post player. From the elbow he’s got the same mindset and Boston is cutting to the basket the instant he enters the triple threat. Keep with those cutters, I just gave you their timing. They even cut to the hoop once his hands raise as a top of the key 3 distributor.

Boston’s go to play to end quarters and such is a top-of-the-key-3 screen set by Horford for Irving to shoot the three. He holds a solid screen, so switch it everytime, Al’s no danger of putting the ball on the floor himself as a roller from that distance, so the only thing Steph has to do is expect the jump shot if it’s actually passed back… Doubtful there.

Tatum and Brown understand the triple threat, but they’re never looking to pass, so that knowledge should give you an advantage.

Never double down on any of they’re post players, especially Aron Baynes.

Marcus Morris’s go to move is to put his forehead forward so you think he’s gonna drive. For heaven’s sake he’s shooting jumpers, go by his shooting hand and stop taking it easy on this guy.

Brad Steven’s philosophy is pace and urgency. He needs an offensive coordinator.