About the game:

Stephen Curry is on the war path right now and I believe he’ll make a point to show Russell Westbrook who is the real MVP tonight.

One thing to look out for as a coaching staff. Westbrook plays an awful lot of illegal defense and the refs won’t call it if you don’t say something about it.

Defensively there’s a couple of things I want to point out about OKC.

1) When you secure a defensive rebound, don’t just turn and kick to a guard, they’re sitting on that pass.

2) When you post up on the block they’ll bring a weak side defender over to try and steal it from you before you notice it.
For Steph:

Westbrook’s number one target is Adams. Four times out of five he’ll drop a bounce pass to him off a three point line (and below) screen & roll. Right side he goes baseline.

Tip: Look to steal when Russ is on the perimeter, with his stance wide. He throws out a cross-over in front of him from right to left, low and slow.

For Klay:

Andre Roberson is primarily an Off-Ball screen-setter and he’ll look to crash the glass on Melo post ups. Call out & switch on the Off-Ball screens which are used to run Paul George from the wing (bead-line) to the angle three.

Defensively he’ll overplay on your shot. Go ahead and give him a one dribble pull up middy (unless you can dunk of course).

For Kevin:

Paul George, Russ & Melo will usually start the game swinging the ball around the perimeter til they find their matchup. He sets up shop on the wing. They’ll also play him in the P&R at the top-of-the-key-3, setting him up to drive. Lastly they run off ball screens for him to dart to the three point line. Switch with Klay on those.

Tendencies- A) Triple-threat, jab step middle and go baseline. B) Dancing cross-over (in front) usually means he’s trying to get space for a jump shot. C) stands at the angle three.

For Draymond: 

Melo sets up shop a step below the elbow and turns his back to post. He’ll hit you with a couple back down dribbles and turn and fire a jump shot. Meet his physicality, he’s not going to try and dunk on you at this stage of his career.

He hovers at the angle three and in the corner. They also run a cross-screen for him underneath the hoop, for him to get deep low post position. Gotta see it coming and Side-step it. When he turns and faces he’s just setting up a quick jump shot, pay the drive no mind.

Carmelo Anthony has always been a minimalist. Take that mind game he uses in the triple threat and throw the jump shot you know he’s going to take right back in his face.

Also drive the ball at him on offense, he’s slowing down and defense was never his calling card.

For Zaza:

Westbrook will play a top-of-the-key-3 (and below) screen and roll game with Adams. Four time out of five, it’ll be a bounce pass to the roller. Try and steal it once or twice, you’ve got Klay behind you.

For Shaun:

When Raymond Felton checks into the game he’s playing P&R exclusively. He’ll shoot sometimes but is playing like a facilitator more these days.

Post him up all day.

For Andre, Patrick & Nick:

Alex Abrines is the sixth man. He does two things. 1) run curls in the lane off the center. 2) Hang out on the same side of the court with Westbrook and is used as an outlet three point shooter.

For JaVale & Kevon:

Grant plays P&R with Westbrook, but he never gets the ball. Go ahead and switch onto Russ. Keep your left hand low playing the pass and your right hand high playing the shot.