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Let me start off by saying, Minnesota just gave up an opportunity to contend in the West by trading this young man, “The King of the North.”

Lauri Markkanen has the quickest release of anyone I’ve ever watched who is seven feet tall. Unlike most pros who have very distinct spots on the floor where they pull from, Markkanen is an unconscious shooter from anywhere. He’s got a nice arc to his jump shot as well.

Some of the other things he does on the court, that have brought him instant success at the NBA level are:

A quick up-fake and quick first step give him the ability to get around most players on the perimeter. His ability to rim run and seal the defender behind him, allow him to get to a pretty little post hook shot that he seems to have a great feel for. 

When defenses pay him too much attention, his passes are crisp with just the right amount of mustard on them. He gets the ball into his teammates shooting motion.

His ability to recognize a player he can post on is matched by great body positioning a quick leaping ability to dunk before the defense can recover.

He can also drive the basket, get long and athletic and finish around the rim. When he decides not to drive his mid range shot appears to be automatic as well. Plus, he can finish with his left hand around the basket. 

When he was drafted he stated that he is not soft. His eight rebounds per contest is a testament to that.