The last time the Warriors showed up in Denver, they may as well have stayed at home. Denver defeated the Dubs 96-81 a mile high. There’s a saying that goes in the NBA and it’s when you’re playing in Denver Colorado, expect to get gassed early.

In Stephen Curry’s return game as I reported, he wore himself in pregame warmups. To be precise he let it all hang out until 13 minutes before tip-off. He scored 38 points that night and never appeared to be gassed once.

For that reason alone, I’m going to call upon the Golden State Warriors to push themselves to the limit in thier pregame warmups every time they play Denver, so they don’t forget what it’s like to lose their first wind and find their second one.

SG Gary Harris:

From commentators, Gary Harris is drawing comparisons to HoF’er Joe Dumars. His numbers which have been going strong for two years now don’t do anything to dissuade that comment.

He’s posting numbers of 49% FG% 38% 3PT% & 81% FT% offensively. Defensively he’s sixth in the NBA in steals per game, at 1.9. That stat might say a lot to some, but the fact that he’s got one of his own teammates, Malik Beasley watching his film to as stated by Nuggets sideline reporter Aly Stern. “He’s watching using Garry Harris as a point of reference, to help implement elements into his defensive game plan.” Coach Malone and his staff love Beasley’s growth on both ends of the floor.

During a game last week, Harris sat just inside the three point line for Rookie Sensation Donovan Mitchell to drive the lane, pushed off with his right foot and dove right in to his dribble, taking it going north/south in an instant. He brought it up to the angle three point line himself and crossed-over, went behind the back driving the lane and pulled up on a dime for a 12’er.. making it all net.

“That’s Gary Harris in a package!” The Nuggets announcer exclaimed.

Harris then a couple of defensive possessions later, stayed strong middle on some post defense against Rodney Hood. The moment Hood put it on the deck for a back-down dribble, Harris stepped in and swiped down hard with his right hand, taking it straight away for his opponent and pushing it up court.
Transition killer. Likes to hide behind dribble-handoffs for threes. High motor, always after it. Good backdoor cutter.

PG Jamaal Murray:

 Noticably smooth with the ball. Gonna have to foul him hard sometimes because he’s stronger than he looks going to the basket. Doesn’t miss open three’s, old fashioned step in approach to the catch-and-shoot-3.

SF Wilson Chandler:

The Mike Tyson of basketball. Feel free to boo.

PF Nikola Jokic:

His passing insticts create open shots after two or three extra passes. Lulls people to sleep with ease in order to find cutters. Don’t let your guard up around him defensively, he spurs their half court offense.

C Mason Plumlee:

 Solid screen setter, unselfish player.

6th man Trey Lyles:

Working hard vs former teams always gets a guy the ball, after being traded for the rights for Donovan Mitchell. Trey is playing strong right now, and I’ll guarantee you he’s riding a high coming into tonight’s match-up.

To speak of how he’s playing strong, he’s rebounded over Jokic, taken strong players to the block and drop-stepping them without resistance. His first step around faster players is getting him to the basket in one dribble. Not hesitating to pull the long  ball. Looking an exclamation point on everything.

Will Barton:

Scorer. Plays well vs the Dubs.

Malik Beasley:

Energizer Bunny, fuels up tempo line-up.

Ekpe Udoh:

Former Dub. Always good to see him.